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Learn Quality Education From A Distance

Distance education or distance learning is a teaching method by which a student does not have to go to a school or any specific educational location to learn or gain knowledge, teacher and student is exchanging knowledge thru the use of electronic media or any type of technology that allows communication at the actual time.… Read More »

Knowing What To Look For In The Best Online Education

The traditional way to receive an education, by attending what is known as a bricks-and-mortar institution, will always be a common and an accepted way to learn. There is something very tangible about going to a classroom and listening to a lecture given by an instructor standing in front of you, by interacting with peers,… Read More »

Introduction to Online Nursing Continuing Education

In order to maintain licensure or certification, those in the nursing profession need to complete continuing education courses, also known as CEUs, or Continuing Education Units. Many CEU programs are available online, which makes obtaining CEUs much easier for many people. If you are new to online education, this introduction to online nursing continuing education… Read More »

Stakeholders set agenda for education in 2018

SECTORAL AGENDA: Ahead of the Year 2018, which commenced yesterday, stakeholders in the nation’s education sector have set agenda for the system, hoping they would address the multifarious challenges facing us as a country As the nation begins the journey into 2018, major players in the education sector, who are already apprehensive over the unfavourable… Read More »

The issues set to dominate Irish education in 2018

Teacher supply We’ve ambition in spades when it comes to becoming the best in Europe. But there’s a major problem: where are we going to find the qualified teachers to teach key subjects? Many schools currently report acute difficulties recruiting teachers for Stem and languages. Some students are going for months on end without qualified teachers.… Read More »

Free higher education must include an obligation to give back

It is interesting that the idea of free higher education for students who come from households with gross income of R300 000 excludes all forms of repayment. The beneficiaries would owe society nothing, even if they fail or drop out. It’s really totally free. Free from interest payment. Free from social obligations. It’s purely a… Read More »